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Will John Kirsenberg Provide Records of Stolen Traffic From Stolen Domains?

I will agree to delete all postings about you, although these all fall under fair use and free speech. But yes, I will delete it all, including ALL memes I can find--but only under ONE condition:

You must present me a record of hits to your website from 2019-2022  www.Flatearthlunacy.com directed from the following domains which were stolen by a third-party Marcus Goldfinch:
  1. Timozman.com
  2. Timozman.org
  3. InfinitePlaneSociety.org
  4. InfinitePlaneSociety.net
  5. http://www.TimOzman.Art
I need to know how much traffic he pirated and redirected. You can go into your analytics and easily find this information. There is no reason I should have to request a court order but if you choose to withhold this, I will. 

Awaiting  your response, 

Tim Ozman,
IPR Host
(833) 311-1984

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