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It literally makes no sense. The ONLY other person criticizing trans people and Jewish people other than "Flat Earth Reset" (rumored to be a Jake Gibson sock account) is Owen Benjamen. You would think they would be pleased that someone who can "tell it like it is" will be at the next International Flat Earth Conference. But no, the anti-Jew Flat Earthers like "Flat Earth Reset" are trying to get the venue shut down!

Tim Ozman

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The TRUTH About Patricia Steere: Word on Flat Street

Some info ..Jeff and Tracy Stewart did the two Steere expose videos on Flat Earth Truth channel ( Shannon O,Shea thumbnail ).The two videos was done for Pat to give Her a back story and send people down rabbit holes .Jeff told dlees channel Him and Tracy did the videos and i captured the comment before Jeff deleted it .It's why they have never been taken down . I believe the simple truth is she was placed into the Steere family for a instant back story and there are two Patricia Steere,s .A ex guest who lived in Kalamazoo found out Tim Steere is not related to Potato Pat . There is not a single photo of Potato Pat in a Radio Stations at a Record Deck because to show such a photo would show the real Patricia is a way heavier Girl . From early puberty to Girl is a Gun there are also no photos for the same reason . If Potato Pat is inheritance wealthy how come her SUPPOSED Brother sells T Shirts lives rented and his Wife works in a Bar .As far as i can figure out Steere Broadcasting went Broke and was involved in legal matters involving promissory notes not honoured .Many photos are Doctored including Wedding Photos of the Niece . Sasha was told a juicy secret by either Pat or Mark about the 1st time Pat and Mark met pre the Hot Potatoes Show . Pat later on wanted that secret kept quiet and wanted Sasha off YouTube .Pat or Pat and Mark used Pole Dancer Sunny Peaches to attack both Sasha and Daphne Rimmel and get them off YouTube .Sunny succeeded with Daphne but failed because of me to get Sasha off YouTube .I have the video of Pat saying sorry to Sasha for the attacks ( reset vs Infinite Plane video ) and i have the Secret told to Lori Gale by Sasha in the comments to that video . Basics are Department of Defence Mark/Denis Sluka hired Pat because he is so boring to make him interesting .Judith and David Steere according to Judith's Obituary was married 3 years after Pat was born if Pats age is to believed .Judith Steere,s Fb page had the very last comment on it by Potato Pat and yet she is not in Judith's friends list with Her "supposed" Brother .In the friends list is another Patricia Steere ( the real one i suspect ) from Scotland . I have a 2015 screenshot of Blaine Bosserman telling Math Powerland that his friend knows Mark and he works for DoD out of Colorado .Tellingly Math kept the info to himself when at that time they was arch enemies .We know Metatron are subcontractors to DoD and it was Metatron that registered the Domain Name Mark Sargent and Flat Earth Phone Apps in Steere and Sargent names two years before they came on YouTube . Beggers Belief folk didn't think how Mark managed to interview a Navy Missile ( and other Military ) Man and get him to post from a US Navy Ship Missile Room "Earth is Flat" when in the same Month a US Navy Sub Guy got put in Prison for posting a selfie from a Submarine .Its obvious why because Mark/Denis had clearance .Incidentally what they forgot to tell you was the aiming camera is on a 100 ft mast and that's why they can see so far to fire the Ship to Ship Missile . When Steere ,Sargent and Metatron Joe Real did the damage control Show because of the MGTV and ODD expose videos the simple trick they used was to switch Brothers Christopher and Denis Sluka .Did the ODD sex scandal happen before he made that video that he deleted or after ? The reason Math kept Quiet about the Blaine Bosserman info is because they are on the same team .Math the 1st YouTube Flat Earther in a Quickly deleted video admitted he was paid by Hollywood to Launch YouTube Flat Earth .Metatron is connected to Warner Bro ( Hollywood connection). The Potatoes are connected to Dubay .Martin forgot to turn off his Webcam and moaned to the fake Antarctic Heating Engineer ( no Corgi certification ) Del was getting more exposure than him .Folk never asked promoted by who and the answer is obviously the Potatoes .So fast forward to Tim catching Del getting coached live by Dubay and that means Dubay and Steere are on the same team . So is Steere a Man ? It kinda irrelevant unless you are Antonio who got duped .Pat told Antonio a sob story to take Her in his House and get him involved in a UK TV Flat Earth Reality Show with Actors Oakley ,Martin and Others directed by UFO Robert Kiviat .Antonio when ask instantly said No .In a Panic to save the TV show Pat Skyped from the UK a Canadian Christian to take Antonio's place as leading Male .The Canadians Girlfriend contacted Her Cousin who works for the Canadian Government and Pat true identity was found out .The Canadian then contacted Antonio to warn him who was living in his House .Antonio had his doubts about Pat being that he was a Artist but the info from Canada was final proof .Why wasn't Mark Pat leading Male well that's has to do with Sasha and Melony in the Hotel Room and Mark looking like a Rabbit caught in car Headlights lol .Pat used Stephen Chess as a Proxy attack Dog to force him off YouTube because of the Info .The Canadian disappeared off YouTube for a period . Play my video with Laurel Canyon in the title for Proof of the TV show that failed that led to "Behind the Curve" being made .On the video is the video by Flat Earth Hub "90% truth 10% lies" of Antonio telling Math ( he already knew ) about the Canadian Christian and $6000 a month plus expense,s wages paid to Steere from more than likely Metatron . Why has the video got Laurel Canyon in the title well do your own research but let's just say the Hot Potatoes Show is simply Laurel Canyon Mk2 used to push and promote sellout Actors for the Flat Earth Psyop . "Cass Sunstien Cognitive Infiltration" is the basics behind Flat Earth and its aim to damage 9/11 truth ,Vaccine truth and Weather Modification ,it's truly that simple .These 3 topics mainly War are Rich Mans Tricks we should simply by now say "NO" to . The "Smith Mundth Repeal" makes it legal for the US Government to lie to you . The Timeline of Cass working for Obama who said "We don't have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society" ,Metatron making Mark Sargent domain name and Math Powerland coming on YouTube matches perfect . I take great pride getting shadow banned on Pats second show for saying " Your just building up Flat Earth to eventually Jump off the Cliff holding hands with Engineers and Pilots for 9/11 Truth" My prediction came true with the Cliff Jump "Behind the Curve" To any real Flat Earth people i support your freedom of speech and thoughts to believe it 110% and that's why i support Antonio .We are in end times as far as free speech is concerned because we are waking up the the Rich Mans Trick of going to War .Take time if you can find them to watch "JFK to 911 Everything is a Rich Mans Trick" ,"Europa the final battle" and Ace Baker,s 9/11 video . 9/11 was a Hollywood production that tragically involved real lives .A simple trick of using CGI aircraft many dirty Actor's to cover well in advance planned demolition of Buildings using Dr Sidney Alford invented "Linear Shaped Charges" and explosion blankets plus Gravity .Its the reason for the 45% Cuts .Using real aircraft involves to many variables to go wrong and 9/11 was a one shot deal no retakes Hollywood production . The same Hollywood used by NASA and the same Hollywood Flat Earth Actors work for through Genesis Communication Network who are owned by ABC who are owned by Disney . Mark and Alex Jones are disinfo team mates through Genesis .

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Words on the YT Street

"....TV Reality Show .See my video with Laurel Canyon in the title .They tried and failed to get UK channel 4 to do a TV Reality Show .Antonio ruined it .
He then found out about Pat through Canadian Department of Defence "

"Genesis Communication Network who are owned by ABC who are owned by Disney .Owen started in MTV Hollywood Comedy Club owned by Weinstein"

"The worse Antimetic people on YouTube are the tribe members .They have been caught painting Swastikas on there Synagogue,s .
Real Jewish people are sick to death of Zionists using them as Human Shields and to drive the censorship of free speech because of the Holocaust . A few Months back the Washington Post postulated it was Antisemitic to talk about the USS Liberty .Israel attacked Liberty NOT the Jews . Researching the "Truth" about the "Haavara Transfer Agreement" and decoding it points to the refusal of German Jewish people to give up there German Citizenship and move to Palestine .The Haavara was the partnership of the German NAtionalists and the ZIonists political parties (NA-ZI) .Its why when Ken Livingstone the UK MP mentioned Haavara it was such a "Awe Fxxk !!" moment . In the 60,s Iraq Jews got terrorised into leaving Iraq by undercover Zionists and today Iranian Jews refuse to move to Palestine even though there is financially big incentives to do so .Real Jews are strictly forbidden a Home Land until the Messiah,s return . So a criminal entity use,s the dreadful persecution of people in WW2 they had a hand in creating as a "Gag Order". I say Palestine because Britain illegally gave away part of Palestine away ( Balfour Agreement ) to Rothschild's for getting USA into WW1 to save Britain's Ass ( sinking of Lusitania swung the deal wink ) .Israel is even more illegal after 1967 because the very few words of the "only" legal document the Balfour Deceleration have been absolutely broken ( The Bible is just a hear say and Jews don't follow it ). Killing online free speech because of Antisemitism protects Israel from its Criminal activities present and more importantly past .Anyone saying my words are Antisemitic because of Zionism has to remember the Quote by Joe Biden "You don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist" Don't you find it Strange the 1st person to announce the news of Owen Benjamin was Jewish ( denied it for the longest time ) Patricia Steere ???? .Wink ."

Saturday, June 22, 2019


Just look at history of Pat's House and the last time it was sold was 2016 .Pretty sure Pat has not owned it since then .So who purchased it in 2016?

FEOHP LLC is Delawar based for this reason .Delawar has its own rules .I will highlight the interesting parts .
While most states require a for-profit corporation to have at least one director and two officers, Delaware laws do not have this restriction. All offices may be held by a ""single person"" who also can be the ""sole"" shareholder. The person, who ""does not need to be a U.S. citizen"" or ""resident"", may also ""operate anonymously"" with only the ""Listing Agent"" with whom the company is registered with Delaware named.

Patricia has pushed drinking MMS ,Drinking Turpentine and Piss as well as a proven health damaging Vegan diet .
With all the bad press on all 4 agenda's have her handlers decided to pull her out the firing range ?

Something just occurred to me: if we want to know whether Pat's been pulled out for rebranding and re-introduction into FE at a later time with a new angle, or whether her contract is done for FE-infiltration because she wasn't effective enough at influencing the community, couldn't we tell by seeing what happens to her FEOHP LLC that bought her that huge house for $10?
If her contract's over, I'm guessing she'd have to move out, to move on to a next assignment, or would she keep it?
It'll be interesting to see what happens with all of that, and Metatron.



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