Tuesday, July 30, 2019



If you recently installed OBS and the sound isn't playing on the livestreams the problem may not be a problem after all. Before you start tinkering and changing settings, just restart. This will usually make everything work as it should.

One quick way you can tell if you're settings are fine and you just need a reboot is to hit record and play some audio on your desktop and do a mic test. 

If the mic and background sound show up find in the recording.

Restart and then go live again and see if the sound plays on the livestream. I suspect it will. 

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Monday, July 29, 2019


A conspiracy theory is a story. Stories are created through a selection process: selecting what fits the story-line and ignoring what does not.

Conspiracy theorists believes their own stories and that is the problem. Instead of the most plausible explanation, they settle for the one which best fits the pre-existing narrative. This cognitive bias is what leads the conspiracy believer down the rabbit trail slippy slope path of harmful misinformation.

Those of us who deconstruct stories, both mainstream media and alternative media, are not conspiracy theorists. We aren't positing stories of our own. Instead, we are conspiracy analysts. 

You can describe what we do as anti media. Conspiracy theorists are not antimedia; they are  a subset of alternative media. The antimedia breakdown of MSM lies is the opposite of storytelling. It would be better described as story-untelling.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Words on the street

It's kinda like watching Flat Earth die off .He should threaten to expose everyone if they don't sort him out with maybe a nice top of the range Camper Van and a few Dollars in the Bank . Morgile is not stupid he knows who is behind this cognitive infiltration of the truth movement and who it protects . Traveling Gypsies got plenty of money to pay him off .Ok he is not one of the tribe but they should make him a one off payment and retire him off the Flat Earth .If Morgile makes a mess after that then that's it he is truly a fucking idiot . His Globebusters gypsy team mates again are conspicuous in the silence ( Shame on you ) This is truly the dark side of Flat Earth and why it's all about the tribe . Talking of retired tribe Flat Earthers did you catch Pat's last hit and run interview ? She made one fatal mistake ( unimportant unless your Antonio ) in the interview mentioning nasty un Christian like Jason of Awake Souls at the Huston Mixer saying she was Trans ( screenshot taken so no be editing ) Patricia said at the Mixer she was with her ex Huston Boyfriend Micheal and he had told Jason "We had a relationship for a multitude of years ,she is a Woman just look at Her" There is plenty of evidence as to who exactly Micheal the ex Huston Boyfriend is and why it's a fatal mistake to mention him because he is a openly Gay Man . Patricia being a Man is actually a moot point and even though i have tried and failed to provide positive evidence she is a liar ,the Transvestigation part is absolutely of no importance to the darker agenda of the person posing as Patricia Steere .Who ever handled Patricia missed out on using it to push also the LBGT agenda as well as the Vegan ,MMS , Turpentine and piss drinking agenda Pat pushed . Thankfully the Vegan agenda is failing quicker than Vegans health . Only Antonio who was tricked by Patricia to be in a UK TV Flat Earth Reality Show directed by Robert Kiviat he declined to be in has been damaged by a possible Transvestite .It's the reason Patricia once she had been found out jointly by a Canadian Christian who knew someone in Canadian Intel and Antonio needed both of them off YouTube to protect her true identity .Hats off to Antonio because most Men would of disappeared with aligations of Violent Rape against them .It's the only thing more powerful than being called Anti Semetic the tribe use to silence people .Very naughty of Patricia in the interview to still accuse Antonio and use this as a excuse for her leaving Social Media .When i say "tribe" it's not your regular J who no one has a issue with . The person who calls herself Patricia Steere has been pivotal in the growth of Flat Earth on YouTube in the same way as was CIA,s Hippie Laurel Canyon of the 60,s that pushed and promoted sellout Actors and Musicians to DeRail the Anti Vietnam War Movement was . The similarities between Laurel Canyon and the Hot Potato Show are eerily similar . The damage and censorship on social media platforms engineered by Flat Earth Agents and there Controlled opposition is mission complete and we will never see the person called Patricia Steere again because she was successful in placing Agents in the Psyop .The Final Interview was simply a Hit and Run Job .The rest of the sellouts will drop away one by one leaving just the general public believers of Flat Earth with Egg on there faces . Morgile is sadly the Face of just one of the victims of this Cass Sunstien Cognitive Infiltration of the Truth Movement on YouTube that was exciting in that just like the Anti Vietnam War Movement it was a valient effort of saying simply "I do not consent and no more" to the Rich Man's Trick of War. Freedom of Speech and Thoughts is Sacred and it's the one thing the Rich Man's Trick fears most .Even the Freedom to believe Earth is Flat is Sacred . NASA is Military and as such is just another Rich Man's Trick like War of using up Earth's bountiful Wealth instead of sharing it out equally with everyone of Earth's Children .Just maybe a Handful of truly Evil rules over the many using the tools of Fear and Greed . Even these Sycophants will die just like the rest of us naked and broke .They truly are no better than us .Wake Up people . Mother Earth is the Center of everything and Heaven surrounds Her . Mother's gifts to Her Children are endless and don't let Religion and Science fool you we are a product of chance and are insignificant .

Sorry to tell you this Mr Reset but the Horse ( Patricia ) has bolted the Stable and it's gone past the sell by date to nail her . Even the House evidence of it only getting sold the one time in 2016 way before Patricia moved in by Builder Lance Holt to a Delaware ( important why it's Delaware ) registered Company FEOHP LLC which can be anoynamous and not even a US Citizen is now not importan



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