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Friday, April 16, 2021

Latest Developments: First, we have eclipsed Kirszenberger's libel machine, utterly burying "flat earth lunacy" with our own content

 Latest Developments:

 First, we have eclipsed Kirszenberger's libel machine, utterly burying "flat earth lunacy" with our own content. More:

THINGS are really looking good. Bodies have been buried, records shredded, loose ends tightened, and I eagerly land fearlessly look forward to a bright, bright future. 

Tim Ozman

Friday, April 2, 2021

The Infinite Plane Society is in its 4th year.

The Infinite Plane Society is in its 4th year. Established in 2017, we remain consistent in our path. Want to help us grow even faster? Join for $2 a month.

$2 per month includes:

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Sign up here because I send out a mass live notification to everyone on the list for open phone's live-streams with topic lists and relevant links. $2 guarantees front row seating at all times.

Thank you again for your support. 2021 will be the best year yet for the IPS.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Litigation Against Goldfich

I'm writing up the suit again for e-filing. is down by the way....

Monday, March 8, 2021

Now might be a good time to apologize to your enemies.

Like clockwork, the same people crop up in the same contexts and times.

I used to believe people were empty organic portals sent by the devil/ god to test me. I'm not sure what I think now. The best approach is to recognize the patterns and dodge accordingly. I'm not ignorant about astrology and the possible explanations for these experiences. 

There are a few uglies that raised their heads and these will have to be put down. They certainly don't know about the cyclic patterns and the inextricable web that binds us as certainly to our haters as it does those that love us. It would be nice to just keep walking forward but you can't because we're caught in loops until we die. The only thing we control is whether we descend, ascend, or repeat our cycles year in year out. 

It's probably not a coincidence that every cycle broken always leaves such collateral damage. Now that Marcus Goldfinch has been isolated, I can proceed at the slow pace of the legal system. The chase part is over. The idiot in Ohio is being dealt with and he knows it. Every day another shovel full drops atop his grave. There no sense of urgency with him, as I have nailed that coffin closed months ago.

This new one...It's being handled on a couple of fronts. It will be bad. In these volatile times, it's really not a good idea to agitate things. The Zombie Apocalypse could be a week away. I suspect that in such a circumstance many will be devoured because they deserve it. 

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Weird synchronistic occurrences

I'm noticing patterns in my life. 

Weird synchronistic occurrences that signify that 

a) I'm crazy, 


b) there is a divine order that may be glimpsed in these unusual moments. Both could also be true. 

The patterns I refer to have convinced me of the merit of astrology; not the horoscopes in the newspapers, but some other form of template or pattern setting properties inherent in what might just be a collectively projected reality. 

I also believe in some form of "karmic" balancing mechanism whereby evil deeds are punished and good rewarded. Life may in fact be a game. I can imagine this being the case. It's a nice idea, that you win by not being an evil psychopath. If God is a game designer, then the entity people are praying to in all the mosques and churches must surely be the big boss you must defeat at the end of level 33 to progress. 

And if you lose? Anytime the game beats you, the demiurge simply recycles and respawns you to another starting point. Likely conception and you get to endure the entire process all over again, hopefully with a better outcome. 

These patterns are cyclic. As in, they occur around the same time of year, and I get the sense that repeated events and situations are instances where I made the wrong choice. Perhaps I failed to grasp an important life lesson. To score points in the game and move on is to break the cycle and move to a higher level; to fail repeatedly is to repeat, or worse, regress. 

Many of the actors in my life seem now to be nothing more but props in elaborate tests or challenges. It's really a maddening concept and to avoid conflict, I always find it best to assume everyone around to be casual agents, and not "NPC's", or non-volitional entities. Some people choose conformity. It doesn't make them zombies. 

Back to my point about astrology:  the concept of there being a pattern to reality and its unfolding is not new. The modern paradigm would exclude anything but nihilism from our consideration. Nothing that you or I experience subjectively is considered to be anything other than a natural process, like decomposition, and not relevant in the big picture. My subjective experience suggests we are the directors of the big picture as it is composed. 

( be continued 3/6/21)

Wednesday, March 3, 2021




I wanted to update you on the book. I’m doing my best to ensure it contains the right ideas, properly expressed, in a way that makes the impact I believe it deserves. It will be out soon and you will get the first signed copies.

This will be published INDEPENDENTLY through DARK MATTER PUBLISHING instead of via Amazon.

Thank you for your patience and for assisting me in getting this thing written in the first place.




 For the most part, alt-media is just MSM-lite, full of plants, astroturfed, and co-opted from the bottom up. Before right-wing editor Milo Yianopolis disappeared from the scene, he endorsed pederasty. Strange, I thought at the time, that the edgiest journalists are too chickenshit to go beyond the edge of what the establishment says acceptable discourse.  Milo, a fake rebel, would never dare question the MSM outside of partisan theatre. 

You’ll never hear a mainstream voice say “David Hogg is an obnoxious crisis actor”. Most comedians, such as David Chappelle, orient all their humor around fake news.Chappelle’s a condescending clown who was born at 8:46, which he says makes George Floyd's death that much more meaningful for him. Floyd was lynched for 8 minutes and 46 seconds beneath Derek Chauvin’s knee. 8:46 am is the time of the first CGI to Twin Tower impact on 9/11/01. So you may look at these numbers as coincidences. But then consider the fact that on May 25, 2020, George Floyds death day, the sun set at 8:46 pm in the Twin Cities. This pattern reveals more the deeper we dig. It’s endlessly fascinating here, where conspiracy research and entertainment merge: Conspiritainment, which is now a genre unto itself. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Introducing the Midnight In The Desert Community Forum!

Introducing the Midnight In The Desert Community Forum!

Hey Qanon/ Marcus Goldfinch/ George News/ JFK Jr

 Dear MG, 

First of all: I know you read everything in this telegram. 

Second: I have enough support here to grow George Radio independently. You've been outed as Qanon. It won't be long before your name is widely known.

I am preparing papers to have you served. I have a few choices here. Mar-a-largo, Trump Tower NYC, the White House, OR the residence we have under your name. I'll leave it up to you to figure out which. I did tell you and the others---repeatedly---that I could come after your assets in 2021. Time flew by for me as I'm sure it did for you. This will be fun, publicly having you excoriated for your criminal actions. 

The right people know your role in the Qanon psyop. Don't pretend you don't see the irony in your situation. This will be check-mate. I really don't see what recourse you have. You re-committed the same crimes by re-registering those stolen domains. 


Tim Ozman


PS. Thanks to my supporters. GRN is going to be big in 2021. 

Support GNR with Crypto

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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Dark Winter/ Falling Skies METASCRIPT ANALYSIS


I completed my most recent painting. #FlatEarthLunacy #FlatLunacy #FlatEarth

I completed this monstrosity.

I used up the rest of the paint. 

Abstract Expressionist Painting 24"x48" original art. I checked the shipping rates, and despite its size, it's under $20 to ship. I prefer painting on MASONite to canvas. It's much smoother. 



I can't really answer that. I was relieved to run out of paint. I often question the wisdom of creating this kind of art. I'm capable of much worse, I promise. And if people keep buying, I'll keep producing it. I have an elaborate and genuinely novel concept that would take months to elaborate on, panel by panel. 

Thanks for stopping by. You can find my pocasts at

   #FlatEarthLunacy  #FlatLunacy  #FlatEarth

Friday, February 26, 2021

This month was short but productive #FlatEarthLunacy

This month has been great for IPR. We have integrated into the network and I'm spending more of my time painting and writing (and editing). Presently, I'm working on Flat Lunacy. At the moment, Herbert is caught up in an armed robbery gone wrong at the drive-up. You can read it at

Update on Marcus Goldfinch: he outed himself as a White House/ DOD agent of Satan who works for Donald J Trump himself. I'll have him served his Spring. In the meantime, George Radio News is doing good. We're going to have that daily News Brief Podcast coming up, as promised.  (see

Everything else is moving according to plan. ..CONSPIRATAINED's on the editing floor. 

We're moving full speed ahead with everything. The only thing lacking now is an editing computer capable of taking Southpole to the next level. I'm working on this now.....


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

A message for cyberstalker, harasser, liar, John Kirszenberg, Flat Earth Lunacy Blogger

 Hey Johnnyboy,

You've been at this for three years. Pathetic isn't it? All that time and energy you've invested into stopping me for what? 

I am still here.

Your obsession has turned you into a monster; a shrill, lying monster. A bitch, for that matter, and I suppose I should mention: a tabloid gossip.

You apparently have a globe shoved all the way up your ass, which is why your full of crap and why your facial expression is consistent with what one's face would look like if one indeed had a sizable object in one's bowels. 

Have you considered murdering me?  

This is a question I ask of all my uber-obsessed lifeless stalkers. You're an old diapered codger with an ugly family and a history of mendacity. You're supposedly a scientist but you're impressed by cartoons and paintings more than evidence.

I don't care that you're a fool or a moron. I'm annoyed that you're trying to get me fired.

You're not the first stalker of mine to attempt to meddle in my ability to make a living. Your attempts failed to do anything but alert me to your tactics. You're that depraved that you're attacking my ability to earn a living plus you'll attacking the company I work for, and smearing me to sponsors and advertisers.

In other words, John, you're a suable piece of shit. I'd love to deal with you but don't have the time. So what I'm going to do instead, you fucking prick, is I'm going to write letters to you, so you know what a piece of shit you are from my perspective, and you'll see that most people share my perspective. You're disgusting.

Flat Earth has made you crazy. Flat Earth lunacy is now defining your life. How pathetic. Again. I can't look at your stupid face without thinking of how pathetic and misguided you are.

Let's remember this too: 

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

My Cybersquatter is Friends with Donald Trump, likely THE Qanon himself.


Hey Marcus,
I hope you get this.

I had a nice exchange with whoever manages the Facebook page for the Office of the Former President.

It's a matter of record you purchased many domain names and squatted on many platforms impostering my channel in order to libel me and steal traffic.

At first I didn't know what to do with the information  our investigations revealed. The subpoena(s) from Google-Youtube verified what I already suspected. 

You used the name MGTV on Youtube to dox David Hogg in 2018. I suspect Trump or Trump Jr put you up to that.

I was thinking about year one of our relationship. The psychotic threats you made back when you were anonymous. I bet you regret NOT taking action when you were here in Albuquerque in 2019.

I'm attempting to have you served again. The longer this drags on the more public the case will be. Expect to pay out in the HUNDREDS of thousands.




H.L. Mencken — 'The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace ... to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”


The stereotypical conspiracy theorist is terrified. I find it funny that those who learn that only "sheeple" fear the virus and follow all the new health mandates are terrified of vaccines. They trade Virusphobia for Vaxaphobia. 

The same woke truthers that scoff at the Global Warming doomsaying are terrified of condensation trails behind commercial airlines. They trade the fear of climate change for fear of man-manipulated weather and sky-bourne toxins.

What good is it to lose the fear of terrorists and school shooters on the basis that these are just propaganda-based myths if one is going to start fearing Bill Gates and 5-G Towers?

The partisan nature of the fears belies their real purpose: polarization. A comparison of left vs right partisan hobgoblins and beliefs demonstrates their phoniness. Left fears viruses, favors open borders, and is pro-vaccine. The right fears vaccines, open borders, and the anti-vax position are rightwing. 

Isn't it interesting how one side wants strong borders nationally and individually, as in impenetrable border walls, and unvaxxed (unpenetrated) skin. The left wants the state to protect everyone with vaccines, whereas the right wants to protect themselves with individual immune systems. The left wants to disarm the public to presumably let the state alone defend us. 

The pro-Second Amendment right-wingers believe individuals have a "God-given" right to defend themselves. They prefer their "God-given" immune systems to government-vaccines.

 The pattern here: collective or individual self-defense, medically and otherwise, is a partisan and ideological preference. Left choose salvation by government, the Right chooses salvation by "God".

The left thinks the right is racist and beneficiaries of systemic racial oppression. The right thinks the left is evil and sell-outs to a Satanic system. The left has a secular concept of evil, which they call hate. Systemic racism is hatred embedded into the system which rewards hateful racists. Therefore, the top of the power structure is necessarily a servant of racism and hate, which is why the system needs reformation.

The right believes in a metaphysical evil, which they see manifested in the cultural trends away from traditional moral values and the nuclear family. To them, the world system is Satanic, and therefore those at the top are the evil blood drinkers, pedovores, and human traffickers. It follows, therefore, that the system needs a good leader to drain the evil out of the system.

The pattern is clear. Left fears right, right fears left. The centrists fear both left and right. 

Where are the fearless to be found? One place: among the autohoaxers. They are the ones laughing at those still on the Whirled Stage.




Flat Out Lunacy: Why Scientists Are Driven Over The Edge By The Flat Earth Question

Is Flat Earth really a theory?

 I'd like to suggest that the globe is the theoretical model and the apparent flat and stationary nature of the world is not a theory but a question.

It's really a question of who you trust. Do you go with your own perceptions or the reality filtering models presented to you?

I think what triggers the die-hard globe-enforcer is their impotence to answer any of our questions and all they can do is slander and tap dance.

Tim Ozman


 Dear Reader,

Johah has emailed a number of people making libelous claims against me. Is it worth suing? Well, in a way, yes. It's winnable. Especially given how many of these emails have been forwarded to me. 

I will say this: he's a libelous piece of shit who has no balls. He's been doing this for years. I have no recourse outside of pointing out that he's a loser, a dork, and a bore.

Jonah, you idiot. Nobody thinks anything of you. You're a coward and a fool. You're literally going crazy right now. I don't think you realize how UNSERIOUS people think you are befuddled and obsessed.

You'll eventually die and then what? I have 50 years on you. You can't cancel me. 

Tim Ozman

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Will Marcus Goldfinch Be Outed as a QANON IN THE WHITE HOUSE?

 Dear Readers,

Marcus Goldfinch was given a ceremonial key to the White House. He runs GEORGE NEWS, works for Trump, and is the top Qanon pusher on the Internet. 

Marcus Goldfinch was going by MGTV when he outed David Hogg as a Crisis Actor in 2018. Should I think this is a mere coincidence?

Stay Tuned.

Marcus Goldfinch is Qanon. You read it here first.....

THE FLAT EARTH REPORT 2/14/21 "Happy Hoaxiversery"

 There's a lot happening in the world of globe-skeptics. The Infinite Plane Society is now supporting Marc Gauld's efforts to crowdfund a Flat Earther a trip to Space. Tired of the new normal? Listen to IPR. 24/7. Subscribe for the archives, just $2 a month plus you get access to the Think Tank. Memes are free. TEXT MESSAGE NOTIFICATIONS:

Wednesday, February 10, 2021





CrowdFund your Capital. Tokenize any of your Asset instantly

This is an Asset Tokenization Platform. Using the power of Blockchain, we help you tokenise any of your asset in a few simple steps( with the highest levels of security and compliance ). Thus helping you Raise capital faster, easier, at lower cost. The built-in Smart Contracts add power to your Asset backed Tokens ( ABT ). You can easily distribute them globally, to a wide pool of accredited and eligible investors.

The initial focus of Asset Tokenization Platform will be on Real Estate, ART and Mining Repository Assets.


Questions? Shoot a mail to:  

Monday, February 8, 2021



The "Mad American" on Youtube uploaded a rock video on a rather anonymous channel on November 4, 2020. The song "We're Not Gonna Take It" is the only message from Q in 62 days.

Interestingly, Marcus Goldfinch, White House Communications Office employee, Trump Loyalist, has been suspected of being the closest Q-anoner to Donald Trump and the first family, if not Qanon himself, is a HUGE TWISTED SISTER FAN.... 

link to Qalerts

Tim Ozman

Friday, February 5, 2021

Bow Down Babylon, by Empress Infinite


Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The TRUE IDENTITY OF QANON: Marcus Goldfinch #provemewrong

 Many may find this difficult to believe.

Is he merely a White House Communications Agency staffer? How is such a HUGE Qanon disseminator also be in charge of the WHCA's online social media presence? 

I was not supposed to identify this person. He was cybersquatting---AND STILL IS-- one several dozen domain names that would otherwise drive traffic to my own work. I doxxed him in the legal proceedings. It was then I learned he was the CEO of GEORGE NEWS and worked for THE FIRST FAMILY AND DONALD TRUMP DIRECTLY. HE STILL DOES.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Space is Flat.


Sunday, January 31, 2021



Today is Sunday, January 31, 2021.

Dinosaurs flung into space 66 million years ago may have landed on the moon, according to Establishment Scientists. Mike Tyson's opinion on Flat Earth is worth considering. Two asteroids are on the way to 9/11 us, each the size of a Boeing 747. Trump's Second Insurrection. 

Whoopie Goldberg is Illuminati Confirmed.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Next week will be big so I'm setting the stage now.

Here's the 24-7 radio stream on Youtube 

I'm going to start putting NOTES on the screen so people know the topics of the day, etc. 

Several of our channels have been un-banned due to strikes expiring, so the number of listeners and callers numbers are going up.  I'm working on the final edits on Conspiratained but will likely be live streaming later today. 

(You'll get a notice from the platform you listen on. )

Again, this next week will be big for Infinite Plane Radio and the Dark Matter Digital Network, so stay tuned.

Thank you again for keeping IPS streaming 24/7!

Tim Ozman

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Thursday, January 28, 2021