Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Miley Cyrus Plays The ROLE of Ayesha Curry #DEEPFAKED

Miley Cyrus has been acting her entire life. I recently watched an episode of Black Mirror where she had a starring role.

That she would play the role of wife for an NBA player isn't all that strange. These made for television fake marriages are common. 

But what separates this Hollywood sham marriage from the others is the wife is a very well-known celebrity actress and popstar

Actors frequently take on roles which are the polar opposite of their main persona. They can play other races, genders, species, you name it. So when I make this claim, I am doing so with all the preceding in mind. 

Miley Cyrus wears a skin-suit/ fat suit type costume along with a silicone mask which likely starts at the jawline and encompasses  her neck and upper chest and back

Listen to their/ her laugh:

You have been DEEP FAKED.

TIM OZMAN   http://infiniteplanesociety.com

Monday, September 16, 2019


Part of the Flat Earth community is gathering around to support Flat Earth Conference speaker Joshua Swift after his sex offender status became known. (He had previously NOT shared his sex offender status with the FE community). 

They argue that the 14 year old girl was the predator who tricked Swift into having sex with him several times, including having it recorded on his smartphone. 

Bob Knodel, David Weiss, Karen B, and many others are defending Swift. YET, when Logan Paul included a 14 year old girl in his movie without the parent's permission, these same individuals suddenly find it problematic:

Why aren't they blaming the 14 yo Flat Earth girl for getting in front of the camera? Where's this victim shaming now?



AN OPEN LETTER TO DIRTH FROM THE IPS , #flatearth #DIRTH #pizzagate #IPS #infinitePlaneSociety

DITRH "I have been saying this from the first second I heard that jackass IPS. He is the worst thing that has happened to flat earth. The good news is that IPS is irrelevant. "


IFEC and those around it are the worst thing to happen to Flat Earth. We can include you in this. You're the one who was fawning over Logan Paul's biceps before you realized he was a troll. 

You are the one bringing neo-nazi Owen Benjamin to the forefront--a guy who says that "trannies and Jews" are ending Western civilization, meanwhile Patricia Steere is driven from the movement by those calling her a "tranny Jew". 

Aside from the Jew-hating bible fundamentalists that you associate with, you and all your associates associate with sex offenders. 

Your side has Rob Skiba and Robbie Davidson producing documentaries with Phillip Stallings (the Biblical Flat Earth Society founder 56 counts of sexual exploitation). 

Your side has Wes Stace--who you are all friends with, including Joshua Swift --that guy had child porn on his computer and shared it live. And then you have another sex offender in the IFEC line-up I could name; you know who I'm talking about. 

I see all these scathing comments about the IPS but nothing but support for a guy who preyed on an 8th grader. 

HINT: David Weiss, a 14 year-old cannot consent. She is the victim and Joshua Swift, YOU, KAREN, and all the others are further victimizing her by slandering her on the Internet.

You guys are acting like a bunch of Catholic priests and nuns the way you circle the wagons and protect one another's indiscretions.

You're better off not typing the letters I P S in that order on the internet anywhere and make damn sure never to speak the name of this organization when you have an audience. Pass that around. It would be better if Swift deletes that video where he and Karen B try to put the blame on me just for noticing what's in front of me.

Maybe you should let D.Marble know he should stop calling Epstein a pedophile since he wasn't after children. After all, you're all refusing to call Swift one for the same reason. 

And one more thing: 

If Ted Sommer or anyone else tries to "make" me do anything, you're going to have some serious problems. Advise your sex-offender cult to back off.


Tim Ozman,

IPS Spokesmouth

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