Sunday, March 3, 2019


Before we can rebuild reality we have to tear down the unreality---in our own minds.

The  ISS Transits are fake. We know the impossibility of these.

For some reason, Jeran has been presenting his followers with FAKE ISS TRANSITS.

Bob defends these as PROJECT BLUE BEAM projected holograms.

Looks more like Auto-Debunking.

And Behind The Curve confirms it.

They have been auto-debunking and goofing up experiments on camera from day 1.

The fact that they stick to an anti-science pro-religion approach shows they aren't here to reform reality but to re-affirm it.

Controlled opposition? The last time Jeran spoke about exploration, he spoke only of the impossibility of going to Antarctica. When it comes to "Mad" Mike's upcoming space-jump, they pretend not to know it's happening.

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