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 From The Desk of Tim Ozman: 6/16/22

Last night the live chat was barraged by your typical Online NeoNAZI Trolls overly concerned with the racial purity of Youtube live-streamers. None of them would call in so I shared my thoughts about why I don't believe their geopolitical views are attached to reality.

I question if anonymous trolls with fake names and no voice can actually be "victimized" by "ad hominems." I was called a long list of slurs, not that I care, but it was a one-sided thing. To me, "Adam Greenwitzberstein" is just another case study. He saw me as discredited because I am, in his view, one of "them". How would he know anything about me, my heritage, etc? He wouldn't. The fact that I didn't jump on his side made me his enemy. The "us vs. them" programming is a feature of all cults:

It's ironic how Liberals will say "everyone who disagrees with me is literally Hitler" and neoNAZIs will say "everyone who disagrees with me is literally Jewish" and neither side can see their similarities.

This got me thinking about their actual mindset and how similar it is to that of the Vaccinated with regard to Anti-Vaxxers:


NeoNAZI Race Cultists have the same Race-as-God mindset as every other Race-Cult. They are anti-Individualism, preferring a group-think identity. They flout their racially-pure status indirectly by complaining about the state of the world as the result of the other "races." This is also known as "virtue signaling."

They are proud of their designated category or race and paranoid about mixing it with others from different "bloodlines". Their bloodline is GOOD, the other bloodlines are EVIL. It's a simplistic perspective which also explains its popularity.

This Race-Purity Obsession is analogous to the new situation with pro vs anti narratives with regard to vaccination status:

I think the racism of the pre-Reset age will be replaced by a Universally, state-sanctioned form of discrimination, but the focus will shift from EXTERNAL to INTERNAL considerations: from racial and religious standards of purity to forms of "purity" based on Vax-Status and Acceptances of Scientism's Major Tenents.

Notice how the vaccinated love their "VAXIES"? (selfies while getting the jab)? Their vax status is their PEDIGREE.

The Proud Vaxxed with the "cleaner/pure" bloodlines are scornful of the anti-vaxxers, who keep the world an impure place. Isn't it interesting how the vaccinated don't feel safe among the unvaccinated when the vaccine is supposed to protect them from the strain-of-the-week? Or how they assume the unvaccinated are bad, stupid, antiscience, or just plain evil?

I'm an individual, I think as one, and I don't get cowed or bullied by the mobs because they don't discern or think independently. Every cult or mob will deal with outsiders in the same way. If you're not on their side, you are one of them or a traitor to the other side. Those enslaved by group-think will always call you an "insert interchangeable term here" for not sympathizing with their perceived victimhood.

The pride of those flaunting their "holier than thou"/ "purer than thou"/ "more masked than thou" status is based on an overinflated sense of self-esteem the individual gets by joining the perceived "good guys". Their status is wholly dependent on the lower status of their "other."

As a rule, I don't ban people in the chats unless they are spamming and refusing to put a voice to their opinions. "Adam Greenwitzberstein" was too ashamed to put a voice to his opinions, choosing instead to feign victimhood and act "banned." He's welcome to call in and pitch his outmoded archaic conspiracy theories to a group of media critics that know how much of the news and history consists of simulation, psyops, and perception management, but I don't know if it's the right audience if he intends to convert people.

I would also question the wisdom of attempting to "convert" people if your group is based on biological differences unless perhaps Adam intends to lead a trans-racial movement. Maybe he's trying to "save" people. If not, then his only purpose in flooding the chat was, as I stated above, to "virtue signal."

Tim Ozman,

IPR, Host

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